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Hotel resort fees

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Hotel Resort Fees

Ending Resort FeesU.S. Travelers want: clear, transparent hotel pricing.

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Hotels are finding new ways to charge you more, including mandatory “resort fees” that are hidden when searching for room rates. First of all, these resort fees are supposedly there to cover basic conveniences like newspapers, coffee and access to the gym or pool.  Which are the things you are led to believe come with staying at a nice hotel. But the reality is they often surprise you at the last minute with hotel resort fees, instead of in the advertised price.


Hotels and airlines have gotten their way for too long. They have changed their pricing structures to present lower rates and then add unexpected fees on unsuspecting customers. From baggage fees to beverage fees to hotel resort fees and more, travel has become a tangled web of expensive charges.  As a result, consumers and taxpayers have been left footing the bill.

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